caserola oua Zorin, caserola de oua ce contine 6 unitati

Zorin 2

6-egg carton

The most important thing when it comes to eggs is freshness, and we want you to enjoy this from the first contact with our products. The 6-egg carton comes to help any novice chef in the kitchen and allows them to experiment the amazing taste of freshness through new recipes daily.

Zorin 2

10-egg carton

What would be a brunch with friends without eggs? It would probably be just like a morning without sun. The 10-egg carton is perfect for avoiding such gloomy scenarios and providing you with the necessary protein and mineral intake for the entire morning. Skip the old-fashioned boiled eggs or the classic omelette and impress your friends with something special.

caserola oua Zorin, caserola de oua ce contine 10 unitati
cofraj oua Zorin, cofraj de oua ce contine 30 de unitati


30-egg tray

Every kitchen has an uncontested hero. We like to take care of those super moms or grandmas who are always waiting for you with steaming delicacies. Therefore, we’re supporting them to use their super powers to the maximum and especially for them, we got the 30-egg tray for when numbers count.