Romanian farms
with global perspective

Since the beginning, we are up to date with the latest technology, however our values ​​are as simple and traditional as possible.

The promise of a quality product comes from our responsibility towards you.


Years of Experience

We are distributors of consumer eggs since 2005.

We do everything out of passion for the natural taste and out of care for humans and animals. To ensure the highest standards, we are always up to date with the latest technology, but our values ​​are as simple and transparent as possible. The quality and the freshness of our products are the result of our challenge: to rely entirely and exclusively on a production chain as short as possible, that allows for great traceability.


The places where the magic begins

A&A Farms

For more than 15 years, A&A farms have been rearing laying hens that produce healthy eggs and cultivating cereals. All these take place in the two production sites in Vaslui County, Bogesti, com. Pogana and Marasesti, com. Voinesti. Perhaps these things wouldn’t have been successful if there was no manifesto behind them, however with a well-grounded code of ethics and investments in technology and human capital, A&A Farms manages to ensure the highest standards in egg production.

We have always wanted to work together in an association of producers, and I can say that Prodovo is like a dream come true. In the future, we want to attract more local producers in the group and thus regain the power of decision when it comes to the regulations in the field and prices to the market in Romania and beyond. - Cristian Spiridon, A&A Farms


Morandi’s main activities relates to the welfare and health of poultry. The hens are grown in aviaries, in ventilated rooms and with plenty of space to roam around and exhibit their natural behaviour. Exemplary care is dedicated to the entire poultry flock, natural food being an indispensable aspect.

Since working with Prodovo, we have managed to optimize the production flow so that the eggs are collected directly from the farm immediately after they are being laid. This way, we can focus on what’s most important, namely the health and well-being of our animals. - Catalin Moraru, Morandicom