Code 2 eggs

Eggs from Hens Reared in Aviaries

Category M - 56-63 g

Category L - 63-73 g

Category XL - >73 g

Zorin 2 is a Prodovo brand that has emerged from the desire to offer to all consumers essential products to include in their diet
Zorin eggs come from laying hens fed only with natural feed mixtures made from cereals. These feeds give the eggs the authentic taste that we can only find in grandma’s meals.

What does Egg 2 mean?
The figure 2 marked on the egg's shell indicates that the egg was produced by hens raised in aviaries. Due to consumers’ changing preferences regarding the ways of rearing chickens in enriched cages, many farmers are converting their production areas for aviaries. Zorin eggs come from our chicken farms, located in Vaslui county. This is a determining factor in maintaining the quality and traceability of our products. We like to say that we’re following the egg ever since planting the first corn kernels and all the way to the moment it lands on your plate. A constant in the quality of the egg is the natural feed, made only from cereals and not supplemented with any protein flour of animal origin or other hormonal supplements or antibiotics.

But none of this would be possible without our stars, the chickens, which are well-fed and well raised under optimal conditions of animal welfare and biosecurity.

How do we do that?
Simply, we offer them extra freedom by growing them in aviaries and not in cages. The conditions perfectly simulate the environment of the traditional household, even having specially designed areas for leisure and areas of movement or rest, structured on different levels. In all of this turmoil however, we manage to keep under control any pathogenic factors that could disturb the bird's happiness or the food safety rules. These systems have been optimized for the production process by Big Dutchman, innovation specialists in the poultry industry.

The egg is the essence of a healthy and complete diet because:

it encompasses the entire spectrum of micro and macro nutrients
it has a very low content of carbohydrates (0.6%)
due to the high content of healthy fats, it is the ideal food for the heart and brain
It has a high biocompatibility, being the largest cell we can naturally find in nature.

We can say about the egg that it is a living food with a high protein content and a high biological value, covering the body’s necessary amino acids quantity.

That's why many alternative medicine therapists consider the egg to be a real medicine in itself. If you want to find out more about how the eggs were produced and distributed or about the chicken’s welfare conditions, we encourage you to warmly contact us or the representatives of the farms, in order to present you without any restraints how they care for the hens. We consider that a farmer knows way more about his product than any label or coding.

Why Zorin?
Because the egg is a symbol of the sunrise and creation. In addition, there is no better way to start the day other than with a tasty and nutritious breakfast.

Your nutritional value

Quantities expressed in grams, reported at 100g



saturated - 35,525
mononesaturated - 37,855
polyunsaturated - 26,605

Carbohydrates - 0
Fiber - 0
Protein - 2,69
Vitamins and minerals
Fatty acids

Omega 3 - 1,605
Omega 6 - 25,000


Protein - 3,48
amino Acids

essentials - 32,724
Semi-essentials - 17,153
nonessential - 29,752

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