About us


is an idea born out of two farmers from Vaslui County’s passion for high quality products and out of their desire to offer Romanians 100% local products. Prodovo Grup was founded in 2005 in Lipovat, Vaslui county, the main activity being collecting fresh eggs from their own farms, sorting them by weight and distributing them to the consumer, hypermarkets, bakeries and neighborhood stores.



PRODOVO's mission is to provide Romanians with 100% local products, a healthy and natural base for excellent nutrition.


PRODOVO wants to become a point of reference in the field of diet and nutrition, which is based on scientific evidence.


One of our top values ​​is the passion for natural, traditional taste, which always brings us together around the table. Transparency towards the consumer regarding the importance we give to the quality of our products is the next one on the list, followed by the care for people, animals and the environment.


First of all, in order to ensure the highest quality standards for our clients, the poultry from our farms come from internationally recognized laying hens breeder.

The hens are being reared using a poultry aviary system manufactured by Big Dutchman, a German manufacturer that complies with all the welfare standards imposed by the European Union. The birds are thus being reared in an environment stimulating their natural instincts, benefiting from more freedom of movement and laying spaces.

These birds get to have a good production only if they benefit from the quality food and well organized shelter. Thus, in each poultry farm, a variety of biosecurity norms and animal welfare parameters are respected.

Since the health and well-being of the chickens is a priority for us, they are carefully monitored by specialized personnel - zoo technicians and veterinarians.


The eggs come from laying hens of the Isa Brown hybrid, birds with a beautiful colored plumage, in reddish hues. Each egg farmer owns hen farms located in Vaslui county. The eggs are collected daily and stored in air-conditioned rooms that comply with hygiene regulations. Compliance with these safety rules is required starting from in the production hall and during the following stages of the logistic process, from the farm to the final consumer.


Of course, none of this would have been possible without people, so caring for them is a very important topic for us. Our farmers are concerned about ensuring a favorable environment for the workers to carry out their activity in the most pleasant way possible. We believe that only through increased attention to human capital can we create value for the entire ecosystem.


An equally important aspect for us and our farmers that has an impact on us as well as on future generations is responsible production. We have to do this in order to keep the environment as clean as possible and the sustainable use of environmental resources for the future generations.

Therefore, the sustainable solutions and measures for managing the resources adopted by us, as well as by our farmers and collaborators, contribute to the fulfillment of the moral duty we have towards the environment and our descendants.